Where can I view my plan benefits?

If you had coverage with Freelancers Insurance Company in 2014 or prior, you can request a copy of your Certificate of Coverage be emailed to you from requests@freelancersmedical.org.


How do I file a claim?

By now, all claims for services rendered in 2014 or prior should have been submitted.  Note that you have 180 days to file a claim starting from the date that the service was rendered. If there were extenuating circumstances that caused you not to be able to file your claim timely, please include a statement regarding those circumstances with your claim.    

If your claim has already been processed and you do not agree with the plan's benefit determination, submit your grievance within 180 days of the date of your EOB (Explanation of Benefits) by mailing your grievance in writing to:

Freelancers Insurance Company
30 John Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201


Should I submit a claim or a grievance by email?

No, you should not send any claims through email.  This helps protect your privacy and keeps your medical information secure.  You may email us at requests@freelancersmedical.org or Freelancers Union at membership@freelancersunion.org.  Please note, however, that this email address provides standard protection for privacy but does not provide added encryption for any personal health information that may be necessary.  We recommend that you send your grievance in writing, to the address above.  You can also fax your grievance securely to 718-228-5953.


How do I view my claims or print a copy of an explanation of benefits?

If you had coverage with Freelancers Insurance Coverage in 2014 or prior, you can request a copy of your claim EOBs by email at requests@freelancersmedical.org.


What if my claim was denied for no pre-certification?

Please email us at requests@freelancersmedical.org so that we may review your claim.  We may ask your care provider to submit documentation to our clinical partner so that your medical care may be reviewed retrospectively.  Your claim will be reprocessed based on the outcome of the review.