Looking for 2014 plan/benefit/claim info?

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  • FIC Insurance Coverage

    - Where can I view my plan benefits?

    To review benefits and claim info for coverage that was in effect prior to Jan 1, 2015, log into your FIC account. For any questions regarding coverage, claims or benefits for 2015, contact the Member Services/Customer Service number on the back of your current insurance identification card.

    - Do I need to qualify in any way to get health coverage through Freelancers Insurance Company?

    FIC is currently not offering any health insurance products. To see what plans are available to you, visit Freelancers Union's National Benefits Platform.

  • Claims

    - How do I file a claim?

    No medical claims need to be filed for primary and wellness care received from the Freelancers Medical program. If you need medical services from other in-network providers, the provider will file a claim for you. If you choose to seek care from an out-of-network provider, you are required to file the claims on your own behalf. Go to the Forms section and print the claim form. Complete the form and mail it with your receipt or provider's bill to:

    Freelancers Insurance Company
    P.O. Box 84224
    Seattle, WA 98124
    - How do I have a claims decision reviewed?

    If you disagree with a decision or feel a claim was processed incorrectly, contact customer service at 800.707.8802. If your issue doesn't get resolved, you can file a formal grievance or a medical necessity appeal in writing. For more information, please see your Certificate of Coverage, which you can access when logged in to this site.

    To have a pharmacy claim reviewed, contact FIC customer service at 800.707.8802 and select the pharmacy option.

    To have a vision claim reviewed, contact Davis Vision's Quality Assurance Department at 800.584.1487.

    - How do I view my claims?

    To view your claims and those of your dependents under age 18, log in to this website. Your dependents age 18 or older must create their own accounts to view their claims.

    Once you're logged in, select Medical at the top of the page to view medical claims and Pharmacy to see prescription claims.

    - How do I get a copy of an Explanation of Benefits (EOB)?

    You can see your EOB online. When you're logged in to this website, go to Medical and then Claims. Search for your claims and click on the claim number to see more information about your claim, including the information from your EOB. You can print a copy or request that a copy of your original EOB be sent to you.

    To request a copy, call FIC customer service or request it online by going to Medical and then Express Requests. You'll see an option for requesting an EOB. It will be sent to you in the mail.

    - Can I submit my claims by email?

    You should send any claims through the mail and not by email. This helps protect your privacy and keeps your medical information secure.

  • Pre-certification

    - What if my claim was denied for no pre-certification?

    Have your provider call 603.894.5762 and ask for a retro-certification for FIC. Your service will be reviewed retrospectively, and the claim will be reprocessed based on the outcome of the review.